Episode 47

Application Management for Federal Government

Andrey Zhuk, Federal Security Architect at CTG joins Tech Transforms to unpack the topic every agency is talking about: cybersecurity mandates. Listen in to learn more about Andrey's recent eBook breaking down who mandates affect, why they are important, and how agencies can successfully meet requirements.

Episode Table of Contents

  • [00:24] Introducing Our Guest, Andrey Zhuk
  • [08:48] The Rate of Change in Cybersecurity Mandates
  • [18:43] Break and Inspect
  • [28:26] Show Progress on Cybersecurity Mandates
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About the Podcast

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Tech Transforms, sponsored by Dynatrace
This podcast talks to some of the most prominent influencers shaping the landscape to understand how they are leveraging technology to solve complex challenges while also meeting the needs of today's modern world.

About your hosts

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Mark Senell

Mark is Vice President of Federal at Dynatrace, where he runs the Federal business and has built out the growth and expansion of the Federal sales team providing unparalleled observability, automation, and intelligence all in one platform. Prior to joining Dynatrace, Mark held senior executive sales positions at IBM, Forcepoint, and Raytheon. Mark has spent the last twenty years supporting the Federal mission across customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Civilian Federal agencies.
In his spare time, Mark is an avid golfer and college basketball enthusiast. Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia.
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Carolyn Ford

Carolyn Ford is passionate about connecting with people to learn how the power of technology is impacting their lives and how they are using technology to shape the world. She has worked in high tech and federal-focused cybersecurity for more than 15 years. Prior to co-hosting Tech Transforms, Carolyn launched and hosted the award-winning podcast "To The Point Cybersecurity".